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Core and Extended

This is not yet applied to all presentations embedded on this site (what little there is so far), but I intend to make clear which information on the slides are in the Core part of the syllabus, and which are from the Extended.

As best I can, any slide that's Core will be on a pale yellow background. (Anything uploaded so far is already yellow, so there will be some Extended content on yellow at the moment too.)

Any slide that is Extended will be on a green background and, where practical, say EXTENDED in the corner of the slide.

Any slide that isn't strictly part of the course but adds a bit of extra information to aid understanding and relevance, will have a pink background.

I'll see if I can figure out how to communicate clearly what is on the Combined syllabus, and what is on the Co-ordinated. (There are some things that are, confusingly, on the Co-ordinated Core, but Combined Extended, so that will be fun for me to figure out!)


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